With his roots firmly set into the folk music scene, Steve Orchard started writing original music, for anyone who would listen, from the age of 16. Coming from a musical family his influences were Classical & Show tunes, induced to play piano at family gatherings were mandatory (at 7 years old!!)

He progressed through his teen’s where music was his life blood & his first demo was on ‘spool’ for which he had an
audition at the ‘original’ Apple Offices in St James Street London.

Bands were formed & he gained some notoriety, with music partner Barry Webb at the infamous Bristol Art Centre, playing a residency there & building loyal following including recordings for the BBC Radio Friday Folk Nights. Steve & Barry were prolific song writers sometimes writing & performing a song within a week. It was a good grounding & a basis for quality composing which continues today.

In the 90’s Steve took on the commercial business of performing ,which included performances, at many 100’s of venues across the country including the armed services. But, not without sojourns into writing & performing  original compositions for  ‘Untamed Bristol’ album plus a film score for ‘Star Runners’ by Andrew Dymond (later  to go on to do ‘Star Hike’) & a live performance of an original composition for channel 5 in there London studios.

Inspired by Tomita, Mike Oldfield & Medwyn Goodall his music took on new confidence where you find him today. Based in meditative, relaxing chill out music, he continues to stretch the boundaries of instrumental & lyrical composition. He plays acoustic & electric guitars as well as various Korg & Roland keyboards. What you hear is what you get….It’s REAL! It has been said that “Steve Orchard is different”. That may not always, necessarily, be a compliment but, that is definitely what you get, when you purchase a Steve Orchard album….it is a unique discovery….a more than emotional journey (if you ask his loyal fan base).

In recent years Steve has had a number of successful albums, which can all be sourced & heard on this website, plus all the historical reviews.

In 2009 ‘Raindancer’ was released with MG Music. To be mentored & artistically involved with Medwyn Goodall &, to be one of his stable of talented artists, after being a fan was, to say the least, amazing. ‘Raindancer’ sold extremely well & was received warmly by the public & the pundits alike.

The second album for MG Music was ‘Sundancer’. This followed, in what would be a trilogy, of his popular South American Rainforest style albums. The album was voted number 8 in the best of New Age albums in USA for 2010 by http://www.newagemusicworld.com/ ‘Moondancer’ is considered by some as one of his best albums as it encompasses New Age with Electronic in a new way. This was released in late 2010 by MG Music.

2011 saw a change of label for Steve as, the ever popular, AD Music released ‘Riverboat’. With a change of record label came a change of style as the dreamy sounds of lazy summer days were presented in only the simplest of ways on Spanish guitar.

Christmas of that year saw AD Music digitally re-master the ‘Best Of’ The Dancer albums renamed ‘Counting Stars’ &, containing two new tracks, it gave new breathe & rekindled the public’s love of the albums.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, Steve Orchard penned the epic ‘Under Sail’, this again, was mastered by David Wright who is a legend within the electronic & acoustic music industry.

In November 2012 the colossal AD Music album, ‘After Midnight’ release, received fantastic reviews. The fourteen tracks compiled the very best of the AD Music artists & included a track from Steve entitled ‘Realm’ Twice nominated for the prestigious, Schallwelle Prize & with new projects still to be released the future looks bright for Steve & all his loyal fans around the world. Enjoy the moment….your moment……relax & absorb that feeling of euphoria!!
It is here if your heart can search for it. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the years ...
You know who you are

Steve Orchard