For those seeking something different & wonderful.

Blue Walnut Torquay

I bought this book at a Sci-fi fair. A really enjoyable read.

The Titanic's Mummy

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Llewellyn a wonderful composer has shown enthusiastic encouragement to my work


For fantastic sound scapes & the wonderful album Samurai



A brilliant trilogy of albums starting with Guya of Wisdom

Guy Sweens

The exceptionally talented brother of Mike Oldfield. Many wonderful albums over many years

Terry Oldfield

Saw both of these guys live at a healing weekend in Wedmore. Brilliant & many albums to there name

Tim Wheater
Neil H Music

Have performed live on stage with this talented songwriter & co-written together

Dan Russell

Yet another locally born singer songwriter who's work stands the test of time

Jason Allen

A talented designer, illustrator and artist (I am biased as he is my son). Responsible for this website and all my album artwork, with the exception of 'Rain Dancer'

David Orchard

Redsquare Records are an independant record label for physical & digital music of all genres.

Redsquare Records

'Last Shop Standing' is a great book that I would recommend to anyone in the music business

Last Shop Standing

I have always loved incense and these guys are a great for incense from around the world, delivered direct to your door!

Incense Man

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